Virtual training system for military doctors

Fighting injuries on the battlefield is not easy, as a field physician usually can not count on anybody to help and must quickly deal with countless wounds while saving the lives of his friends. So a simulator was created, which, thanks to virtual reality, will make it much easier to prepare doctors for such situations.

UCLA researchers have devised the first virtual simulator, which shows doctors in detail what they can expect when patching wounds on the battlefield. The new technology takes into account fluid dynamics as well as the mechanics of bones and bodies, simulating blood flow as it does in a real person.

The system is not yet fully functional yet. Scientists have been able to replicate only the leg until now, but they will ensure that they will be able to reproduce the rest of the organism in the future so that military physicians can train on it, thus gaining the necessary experience.…

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Tesla parting with the company responsible for autopilot?

American websites report that Tesla Motors is likely to resign from further cooperation with Mobileye. It is she who is the processor provider for the unattractive Autopilor, which has caused a few collisions, killing one of the owners of the car.

World media has been tackling the issue of semi-autopilot Autopilot, which has been installed in US Tesla vehicles for several weeks, which has caused at least three fatal accidents.

The vehicle manufacturer, despite suggestions from consumer organizations, does not intend to exclude a dangerous function, and instead proposed educating drivers on its use. However, it is a good face to bad game that aims to show investors and shareholders that there is no problem with applied technology.

Meanwhile, the company’s management is well aware of its presence and therefore, in the aftermath of the incident, is likely to resign from working with Mobileye, the provider of autopilot processors. Unofficially, it is said that Tesla wants to develop this processor itself, because it will have more control over its operation and cooperation with the rest of the components installed in the vehicle.…

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The successor of the HTC One M8 will debut in March

This year’s edition of Mobile World Congress will be especially interesting for HTC fans. The Taiwanese company is going to showcase its latest product, the successor of the flagship model of the HTC One M8 smartphone, known under the working name HTC Hima.

On the first of March this year HTC has announced the official presentation of its latest product HTC Hima. This is the successor to the flagship smartphone HTC One M8. According to the first reports, it will be equipped with a very interesting technical specification, which should provide it with very high performance in even the most demanding applications.

The HTC Hima will receive a touch screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, an eight-core Snapdragon 810 chip supported by the Adreno 430 graphics unit and 3GB of RAM. The amount of usable memory at the moment is known, but since it’s a flagship model, you should expect it to be at least 32 GB, probably with the ability to expand with a microSD card.

The main camera has a 20.7-megapixel sensor, while the front camera has a 13 megapixel camera. The device will be powered by a 2840 mAh battery, while the operating system will be Android 5.0 Lollipop with a Sense 7.0 interface overlay.…

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Using smartphones in airplanes is still allowed

Since 2013, passengers have been able to use mobile devices during take-off and landing operations by decision of the Federal Aviation Commission. But there was not much that was missed by stewardesses who thought smartphones were scattering passengers.

For many years it was thought that smartphones could pose a threat to the onboard instruments of the aircraft and therefore were forbidden to use them during take off and landing. When this theory was abolished, FAA allowed the use of portable equipment in 2013 at these times of flight, which undoubtedly pleased the passengers.

The stewardesses, however, and the AFA (Association of Stewardesses), at the end of last year, sued the FAA, claiming that the use of smartphones during take-off and landing makes it difficult for them to carry out their duties. The cabin crew claims that the passengers immediately reach for their equipment and pay no attention to instructions on the use of exits and safety procedures. But stewardesses do not take into account the fact that if someone often flies, the procedures are already well known and need not listen to them each time.…

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The Chinese want to take over the software opera

Opera may not be as popular as Google Chrome, and not many people are using it today. However, Chinese people believe that this product is of great value and are planning to buy it. The Norwegian company has just received a proposal from the Chinese companies for a $ 1.2 billion astronomical takeover.

The recent financial results of the Opera do not look too optimistic and since last year talked about plans to sell it and start searching for a possible buyer. The opportunity to get rid of the browser did not have to wait long, as the manufacturer has just received a $ 1.2 billion acquisition offer from Kunlun Tech and Qihoo 360, supported by Golden Brick Silk Road and Yonglian Investment Group.

Kunlun Tech is a company specializing in the growing industry, which in January this year acquired a significant portion of the gay Grindr dating application, while Qihoo 360 is a browser and anti-virus software company.…

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We know the release date and price

Nexus fans are looking forward to launching another version of their popular smartphone. This time its manufacturer is the South Korean company LG and Huawei Chinese, and the device will appear in stores probably September 29. It will also be slightly more expensive than the previous model, because it costs $ 399.

If you believe in sources close to Google, then on the 29th of September in the Google Store web store, you will see the latest Nexus 5X, the next Google smartphone model. In principle, they will be two models, one of them will be supplied by LG, while the other one will come from Huawei.

The LG Nexus will likely be sold under the Nexus 5X brand, although this is not entirely certain as the final name has not yet been selected. For now, only the photos that circulate in the web that show the design of the product are true. It can be seen that the device will be equipped with a round fingerprint reader on the back panel, as well as a camera with a double LED. The smartphone will be available in white, black and light blue and will have a plastic rear panel and a USB Type C port.…

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IPad 3 or HD and additional surprise from apple?

IPad 3, or according to other HD reports, will soon see the light of day. Probably not the only novelty that Apple will present, perhaps we are also waiting for a small revolution in the television market and the premiere refreshed version of Apple TV.

Cupertino’s new tablet, a week ago, has already been covered in a separate article, but there have been several new reports since. According to them, the iPad 3 will be upgraded to HD, will receive a better resolution screen resolution of 2048×1536 px, which indicates the use of the Retina Display screen. It will also support Full HD video (1080p).

In addition to the quad-core A6, the iPad 3 will be equipped with a dual-core A5X chip, which is an enhanced dual-core chip. According to sources, which reached the service of the Verge, Apple is waiting to present the A6 chip to launch the next generation iPhone.

The new tablet will have more RAM (it will be the first iOS device with 1 GB of memory) and will use the LTE data transfer standard. We also expect better cameras, bigger batteries, and a new version of the iOS 5.1 operating system. The change should not fall in size. According to MIC Gadget, which took possession of the supposed part of the iPad 3, it fits with a smart cover of the previous generation of tablet. The only significant change is the thickness, the new device will probably be thinner.

IPad 3 (or HD) is to be offered in parallel with iPad 2, and the previous generation of tablets should be overpriced. According to information provided by 9to5mac, the device is expected to be on sale already March 16, 2012.

Apple will surprise everyone?

IPad 3 (or HD) is probably not the only news that the Cupertino company will present. For several days, the network has gossiped about the new version of Apple TV, and the situation is heating up that the device disappears from the store shelves.

Apple may surprise everyone, because next to the support for Full HD video (1080p) may be a new TV show. Already on Monday we wrote that Eddie Cue, the content manager responsible for iTunes, is in advanced talks with content providers. By. The New York Post reports that they are about creating a streaming service offering a package of television channels available for a small fee, or selling …

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Increasingly decreasing DRAM prices

The continuous decline in sales of personal computers is beginning to affect the sale of DRAM chips. According to analysts’ reports, despite their increased demand in China, their prices have been falling for several months, and in the following quarters we can expect further reductions.

If you are going to expand the RAM on your computer, it is worth to wait for some more as the module prices have been falling for several months, and experts from DRAMeXchange predict that the coming months will bring further price declines. Chinese.

The average contract price of the 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM module in the second half of September dropped to $ 18.5 (down 2.63%), while the average price of the 4GB DDR4 SO-DIMM module dropped to $ 20 (4.76% drop). For comparison, in July, one 4GB DDR4 SO-DIMM module cost $ 24.5, and $ 27 in May.

The drop in memory prices is expected to be lower than expected in the third quarter of this year, mainly due to the free upgrade to Windows 10. The forecasts for smartphone and server shipments are also falling, as memory vendors are also feeling strongly.

Another problem is the transition to 20 nm manufacturing technology, which in turn will increase the performance of memory chips, thus causing a further fall in prices. Further reductions can force Samsung, which has already passed the 18 nm process since last year.…

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The Pentagon protects against cyber attacks

As a rule, an attack on a computer network is detected after the fact that the information has already been criminally stolen and the damage can no longer be limited. The Pentagon wants to create an electronic system that will protect computer networks against such attacks.

The frequency of attacks on US computer networks has increased dramatically in recent years, and practically every moment we read hacking, where huge amounts of data have been stolen, including sensitive user data. To make matters worse, most victims of the attack learn only after the fact when nothing else can be done.

The Department of Defense therefore wants to create an electronic system that would prevent such attacks. The new technology is based on detecting vulnerabilities in the software and then classifying them according to the degree of threat that they may pose. In the case of military systems, the technology automatically performs detection of intrusion attempts, and then immediately informs the network security watchdog so that it can respond immediately to the threat.…

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HTC Vive will go to Chinese Internet cafes

The Taiwanese company HTC has found a very interesting way to promote its first VR goggles named HTC Vive. The device will go to online cafes located in Chinese cities. Thanks to this new technology will be able to use millions of people spending many hours every day.

In China, home computers are rare, so Internet cafes are so popular that young people in the country spend countless hours playing online games. This is where HTC Vive goggles will be coming soon, which will debut in the market early this year.

Representatives of HTC have just announced that, thanks to cooperation with local partner ShunWang Technology, which is one of the largest software providers, as part of a pilot program, soon there will be special positions in the Chinese Internet cafes, presenting the possibilities of HTC Vive. Each client for $ 5 will be able to buy the opportunity to test 10 new goggles for 10 minutes.…

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